Pension Estimator Disclaimer

This is a benefit estimator only. The estimates generated are not reviewed, audited or verified by the APEX Supplementary Pension Plan ("APEX Plan") or Alberta Municipal Services Corporation ("AMSC").
This pension estimator has been designed to provide an estimate of what your APEX Plan pension might be at a specific date in the future.
Your estimate is based on the APEX Plan provisions, interest rate and mortality rate assumptions in effect at the date of calculation and on the date(s) of birth, salary and service information that you provide, projected to your anticipated date of retirement or date of termination. The results generated by the estimator are subject to considerable change as actual changes in interest rate assumptions, mortality rate assumptions, and changes in salary and service can materially affect the reasonableness of your estimate over time.
Certain simplifying assumptions have been made in the design of the calculator. These include the following:
  • You will work as a full-time employee until your assumed date of retirement or date of termination.
  • Commuted value payout calculations do not test if your contributions with interest exceed 50% of your commuted value payout (excess contributions). Any excess contributions are refundable to the plan member at date of retirement/termination.
  • The highest average salary you enter is assumed to be paid equally over your entire salary averaging period in APEX (maximum of 5 years) for estimates less than 5 years into the future.
AMSC offers this pension estimator as a service to its customers. AMSC does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions, inaccurate or misleading statements in the use of the pension estimator. The benefit estimates generated by this estimator are not binding on the APEX Plan or AMSC. You should not rely on your benefit estimates in order to make any decision in respect of your APEX benefits.
The benefit that you will be entitled to receive can only be known and officially determined when you actually retire or terminate from the APEX Plan.